Honest accounts of a perfect God's imperfect daughter

Author’s Note

The Beloved Stories is an online storybook dedicated to vulnerable writing to encourage women in their walk with Christ. This online community is based on the belief that all women are God’s beloved daughters and deserve the opportunity to know God intimately and personally.

I believe women are the most marvelous masterpieces designed by God. And I made this online space with you and I in mind, because Satan loves to mess with God’s girls. So let’s armor up – in faith, in scripture, and with a willingness to embrace hard truths – and believe we are beloved daughters of God.

Learn more about the full story behind The Beloved Stories.

The Beloved Stories Statement of Beliefs:

  1. I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and resurrected on the third day, and that in him, all who believe are forgiven and offered eternal life.
  2. I believe God works in the great and grand parts of our lives but more often the minute and mundane. We just need his help paying attention.
  3. I believe stories are the best way to teach, learn and grow. Jesus used them, our mamas and daddies used them, and those are some pretty good sources.
  4. I believe vulnerability is a special gift that should be embraced rather than hushed.
  5. I believe I’m going to fail, say the wrong things, and need accountability. Please always send your comments or feedback where there are questions or concerns.
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